Live Webinar Training Event: Limited Seats Available
Generate a 5 Figure Income From ANY SIZE Account

June 1st @ 7:00PM

7:00 PM Eastern  - 4:00 PM Pacific
Live Online Training Event
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
A repeatable, yes, almost “boring” options income strategy to collect $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more … no matter whether your portfolio is $10,000 or $100,000 (or more), the strategy I’m going to teach you will completely change the way you approach selling options for income.
I'll show you how to focus on Simple Math and Basic Probability without needing a math degree – seriously, we're going to use third grade math …
You’ll learn a process from simple income goal setting to being able to predict down to the penny (including trading costs) how much cash you can generate.
And I’ll reveal two simple tools you can use to make the cash income collection process from a small account become real and profitable from day one.
How to account for fees, commissions and losses before you EVER place a trade
What you’re going to learn can be done in about 30 minutes per week!
Extremely Limited Seats - Grab yours right now!
“Jon. I've learned more about selling options in your workshops then all of the last 10 years of trading them. And I paid for the training with your first two trades.”
- R. Allen
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